Smart Neurofeedback

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  • Summer 2014

CourtSense/Magnus has been using SenseLab's technology for the past 3 years with our more elite athletes or clients that have had specific challenges we felt the technology could help. 

SenseLab's technology currently works like this:  


We have a room setup where we place sensors on the athlete's head, which reads your brain waves as you take a simple test where you're asked to relax with your eyes open, then closed. We then ask the athlete to recognize signals and push buttons when you see them.  From the results, a "profile" of your brain and personality is created. You're rated in various psychological categories, including stress recovery, focus and reaction time.  This profile then allows the athlete to play video games with their brain working on changing the brainwave conducive to the goal set out for them.   We see our athletes after 5-15 sessions improve on court from this training. This happens to be extremely cutting edge science based technology that has improved significantly over the past years.  We are excited about the new generation coming out this summer on the next tab.




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Coming Soon, Versus by SenseLabs

CourtSense and Magnus  trains people using SensLabs to intensify focus, control impulses, manage stress, and quickly recover from mistakes. It is the science of mental performance, quantified and delivered through innovative and relevant mobile technology.

SenseLabs' athlete-focused product, Versus, is a tool for athletes to effectively measure and improve the physiology behind being "in the zone.” Through a wireless sensor-based headset and iPad app, Versus allows an athlete to train his or her mental performance, and track improvement over time. CourtSense is proud to partner with SenseLabs, providing you with access to mental performance tools used by the world’s top performers. For more information visit