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“CourtSense has developed a highly unique, technically and scientifically sound
approach to teaching the game of tennis while nurturing the spirit of each
individual player.”– Dr. James Loehr, Ed.D., world-renowned sports psychologist,
bestselling author and Chairman/CEO of Human Performance Systems.


                      • We care about our students being the best they can be - physically, emotionally and intellectually.
                      • It is key that they become “students of the game.”
                      • It is important that the CourtSense Team tap into the spirit of each player.
                      • It is vital that our students become complete athletes.
                      • We work diligently with our students, helping them develop a deeper commitment to patience, discipline, fitness and focus.
                      • We feel it is essential that our students learn life lessons in the process of learning tennis.
                      • We feel it is important that players find the fun in it all!


CourtSense believes that the most important part of the game of tennis is first played with the
MIND, second with the FEET, and third with the SWING. CourtSense’s methodology is to teach
these concepts in the opposite direction. We start by first making sure that all the aspects of the
SWING are in order; the player has the proper grips, the proper set up and is able to make the right
transfer of energy from the beginning to the end of each stroke. Once the swing is in order, the next
step is to make sure that the player can use their FEET in the most efficient way to get into a position to
execute the swing. The final and third element that we teach is how to play the game using the MIND
by teaching patterns of play, variations, breathing techniques, rituals, visualization and more. As our
students progress, we coach them on how to use the tools they were taught while exposing them to all
aspects of the game.


To maximize the impact of our training methodology, CourtSense has some of the most
technologically-advanced equipment available in sports today.

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