Mission Statement

To provide the finest facilities, technologies, and integrated tennis system, while stretching and tapping into the spirit of each student with passion and positive energy.


Gordon, a former ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) world-ranked player both in singles and doubles, is the visionary behind the CourtSense program. At a young age, Gordon excelled in multiple sports which helped prepare him for his true passion in tennis. Gordon believes deeply in developing children to be fit, agile, responsible, and in their earlier pre-teen years to be trained in a variety of sports. He had long dreamed of developing a top-quality multi-faceted instructional program that integrates all of these values, a program he had often wished was available to him as a junior player. During his last three years on the tour, Gordon trained under Jose Higueras, one of the most accomplished coaches in tennis, and travelled with Coach Carlos Cano, currently Director of Player Development and Coaches at CourtSense. He also worked with Dr. James Loehr, recognized as the most influential sports psychologist in tennis, and later was a student of his work. While on tour, Gordon trained with top world-ranked players such as Pete Sampras, Jim Courier and Todd Martin. Through these extraordinary experiences, Gordon gained an extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the game of tennis.  He has since worked with world class players, Vince Spadea (formerly #19 in the world), Dmitry Tursunov (formerly #21 in the world) and Luis Flores (formerly #9 in the world in ITF Juniors), among many others.  Gordon, along with Director of Tennis Ogi Nikolovski, has worked tirelessly handpicking the best coaches from all over the world.  The CourtSense program that he has developed with Carlos Cano, along with a tremendously committed team, is a dream coming to fruition.


  • We care about our students being the best they can be – physically, emotionally and intellectually.
  • It is key that they become “students of the game”.
  • It is important that the CourtSense Team taps into the spirit of each player.
  • It is vital that our students become complete athletes.
  • We work diligently with our students, helping them develop a deeper commitment to patience, discipline, fitness and focus.
  • We feel it is essential that our students learn life lessons in the process of learning tennis.
  • We feel it is important that players find the fun in it all!

This is what we care about. This is what excites us. This is CourtSense!



CourtSense is a comprehensive program of tennis instruction, providing personalized training at the highest professional level. Rooted in Euro/Australian techniques, this unique program embraces a simplified and orderly progression of learning so that students can achieve a mastery of skills at every level of play. Unlike most programs, we meticulously isolate and break down each component of play in proper sequence, making it easier for students to learn, practice and commit these elements to muscle memory. More importantly, it gives students a clear, powerful and fully-integrated foundation which is vital to achieving the higher levels of skill necessary for competing. We believe that the most important part of the game is the MIND, FEET AND HANDS. This three vital elements reminding players of the three vital elements they continually work toward mastering in the CourtSense program.


In keeping with our philosophy of becoming a complete athlete and vital to achieving our students’ goals, fitness is incorporated in all of our clinics, from Tiny Tots through the Adult Program.  Our fitness program is designed to enhance the player’s game by developing increased strength, coordination, balance, spatial awareness, speed/plyometrics and cardiovascular endurance.  All training is specifically tailored towards the age and skill level of the student.

Coach’s role

The coach’s role is vital to the proper development of each player’s skill. All of our students, whether beginners or advanced tournament players, benefit from a coaching staff who wants to instill their love of the game into their students and who are excited to watch them grow and to be a part of that growth. CourtSense coaches are serious, dedicated professionals who have been individually selected and trained in the CourtSense methodology. It is this methodology, combined with the talent and cohesiveness of our team, that contributes effectively to our students’ achievements. CourtSense coaches embrace the following principles: Teaching and learning tennis takes time, discipline and patience. Students learn most effectively in a progressive structure, mastering the basics before advancing on to more difficult skills. To be effective, instruction must be individualized to each student’s ability and level of play. To become empowered, students must learn to think for themselves and achieve independence on the court. To be a successful tennis player, you need more than just tennis skills. You must develop athleticism through hard work and a well thought out fitness program appropriate to your age and ability. Our coaches work closely with our fitness trainers to do what is best for each group and individual.