The PlaySight smartcourt transforms your tennis games and practices into fully interactive and shareable events while giving you professional level analysis and evaluation tools to take your game to the next level

All of our courts are equipped with the PlaySight system

Our players have access to 15 indoor tennis courts and to the revolutionary PlaySight smart court system. CourtSense at Bogota Racquet Club was the first SmartClub in the world to invest in PlaySight SmartCourts – the game-changing new action review system. It gives real-time playback with debriefing solutions, auto status, game management and so much more.

Track your progress

Track your on-court progress and tennis career in one place

Interactive Events

Make your practices and matches interactive and shareable events

Improve Faster

Improve faster and have more fun playing the game of your life

Live Stream

Live stream your tennis matches to friends, family and fans around the world

PlaySight App

Take your tennis practices, workouts, and matches with you wherever you go. Review your best shots and share your highlights.

  • Live stream your practices or matches from any court in the world
  • Store and manage your video content from all of your SmartCourt sessions
  • Watch and share automatically created highlights
  • Keep track of your statistics, including fitness, shot speed, and much more