Asher Salam



High Performance Coach at BRC / Director of Tennis at White Beeches.

A seasoned CourtSense coach, Asher has worked with players of various levels, including top national and regional adults, as well as junior players. He has also worked with players on the WTA and ATP tour with the highest UTR being 13.54. In addition to serving as one of the Bogota Racquet Club’s top High-Performance coaches, Asher is also the Director of Tennis at White Beeches Golf and Country Club.

In both positions, he aims to establish a strong tennis program for all ages and levels of play. A Division 1 college tennis player, Asher held the record for most wins in Bucknell University history. After completing his educational journey, he began volunteering and coaching at Bucknell.

Before joining the CourtSense team, he also served as the Assistant Coach for the women’s tennis team at Swarthmore College. Asher’s varied experience makes him a great fit for all levels of play.