Welcome to Dr. Donald Shrump to the CourtSense/Magnus team

At this time we would like to introduce our newest addition to our CourtSense/Magnus Team, Dr. Donald Shrump.

Dr. Shrump has accepted the position of general manager of Magnus and starting this week we envision that with the help of his vast experience in the human performance industry and also to the already established experience and knowledge of the rest of the Magnus team we will keep finding ways to further improve on everything that we have established and continue to provide the best possible service for our valued clients.

Here is a short bio on Dr. Donald Shrump:

Donald was a star high school and college athlete, NCAA Division 1 All-American in track and field (decathlon) and on the verge of making the US Olympic team when he experienced a career altering injury.
Determined to help athletes prevent injuries and therefore be able to reach their optimal performance levels, Donald decided to get a few certifications in the strength and conditioning field, while also getting various other certifications for human performance including a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition and also becoming a Doctor in Chiropractic. During these years he was also doing personal training and was a partner/owner of a large gym in South Jersey.

Over the years Donald has cultivated relationships with over 12 NCAA D1 Sports Medicine Programs to provide and interpret player evaluations for Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Track & Field, Field Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Football, Golf, Tennis, and Swimming. Additionally, in the past, Donald has been invited to evaluate the US Marine Corps at 8th & I in Washington, DC to help identify Marines at risk of injury and provide corrective training programs. In 2016 and 2017, Dr. Shrump conducted the official Athletic Performance Evaluation at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy in Canton, Ohio. Also, in 2017, Dr. Shrump was asked to consult with USA Baseball MLB Prospect Developing Pipeline (MLB PDP) Athletic Assessment.

Dr. Shrump will continue to assist in injury prevention and optimizing performance for ATP, MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, WBA, Olympians, High School, and Youth Athletes as a Strength Coach, Sports Scientist, Educator, and Chiropractor but now by representing the CourtSense and Magnus team.