CourtSense tennis camp Q&A with camp director.

Tennis camps come in all different shapes and sizes. In this blog post we wanted to share one of our recent Q&A sessions with our camp directors. We thought it may be useful for parents who are trying to get some of their questions or concerns answered or are simply interested learning more about CourtSense camp options.  

Where is CourtSense located?

We are located in the state of New Jersey and we have three different facilities – Mahwah (Ramapo College), Tenafly, and Bogota. Each location offers different camp options. For more detailed information, please see our summer camp brochure.


How is CourtSense different from other camps?

All our students are trained by using CourtSense methodology, which is a comprehensive personalized program that is implemented by our entire staff.

The pillars of the CourtSense program are the coaches and the directors who have all contributed their experiences and differences to our program to create a collaborative effort, which has grown our program from two courts in the beginning, to 37 courts currently, and they work with more than 500 kids on a weekly basis.

All our staff is devoted to our students and helping them develop a deep commitment to patience, discipline, fitness and focus while having fun. Our team of experienced and certified tennis professionals care deeply about our students and making a positive lasting impact in their lives while helping them be the best they can be.

Additionally, we own state-of-the-art facilities – cutting edge tennis court surface, world-class strength and conditioning facility, and technologies and integrated tennis system.


Who would supervise my child?

All our coaches are serious, mature adults that are fully dedicated to their profession.

They are all certified, individually selected and trained in the CourtSense methodology, which enables the cohesiveness of our team that is so crucial for our students’ development and success.

In education, there are many ways to achieve the goal you are looking for, and for that reason, it’s crucial to have coaches with different backgrounds to have different perspectives, so we always encourage our team of coaches to add to what the CourtSense methodology teaches.


How do I register my child for summer camp?

You can either call us at 201-254-5836, sign up at one of our clubs, or email us at


Is there a minimum number of weeks that I need to sign up for?

You may choose any number of weeks and add additional weeks at any time if there is space available.


How are campers grouped at CourtSense?

Players are grouped according to their age and technical ability.


If friends sign up together, will they be in the same group?

Yes, we might be able to accommodate that as long as their levels of play are similar.


Are there any non-tennis activities at camp?

Yes, there is fitness, free time or optional swim, however, those options depend on the location (each location offers different camp options).  


Do you offer sleepaway camp option?

Yes – sleepaway option is available at Ramapo College location in Mahwah. Please see our brochure for detailed schedule.


What is PlaySight and Smart Court?

CourtSense at Bogota Racquet Club was the first SmartClub in the world to invest in PlaySight SmartCourts. It is a system that gives real-time playback with debriefing solutions, auto status, game management and so much more. It is really a game-changer technology for this sport. 

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: 201-254-5836