Rohan Goetzke has joined the CourtSense High Performance Team at Bogota Racquet Club

CourtSense Tennis Training Academies is excited to announce the addition of Rohan Goetzke as Director of Tennis at Bogota Racquet Club. Goetzke, joins the CourtSense family from IMG, where he was Director of Tennis from 2012 to 2019, and was overseeing all aspects of the tennis program, ensuring delivery of the optimal training and highest level of development to each male and female tennis athlete at the junior, high school, postgraduate, collegiate and professional level.

“I am very excited to join the CourtSense team,” said Goetzke. “The philosophy and innovation at CourtSense is advanced and impressive and, I’m looking forward to contribute to the program while supporting youth growth and talent development.”

Rohan Goetzke began his tennis career at an early age in Australia, and competed on the professional circuit in Australian and European tournaments before taking a coaching opportunity at a private tennis school in Belgium. Following that, he rose up the ranks in the Dutch Tennis Federation, serving as Technical Director and National Head Coach. Goetzke has coached top players such as Richard Krajicek, for ten years during which he won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon in 1996, and Mario Ancic, who rose to #17 in the world.

“Rohan is a person of incredible character! He shares our same values and drive for excellence and we feel very grateful that he is joining our CourtSense team,” remarked Gordon Uehling, founder and Managing Director of the CourtSense Tennis Training Academies. “His experience and passion for tennis on and off the court will make us even stronger as we continue to provide world-class services for all of our students!”

Within his new role, Goetzke will ensure that the CourtSense program continues to provide personalized training at the highest professional level to all our tennis athletes, while stretching and tapping into the spirit of each player with passion and positive energy.

“Rohan’s addition to our already established High Performance Team at Bogota is another step forward for us as a team in our constant conquest to give the best service to our players on and off the court,” remarked Ognen Nikolovski, General Manager of the CourtSense Tennis Training Academies. “We welcome Rohan and his family with open arms and we look forward to have him on our team for many years to come.”

We are honored to have Rohan as part of the CourtSense Team, and we welcome his wife and three kids in the Norther New Jersey and Tri-State area.